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Margie Eloise Hutchinson
September 28, 1932   -   September 17,

Obituary posted by : Karolyn Stewart ,  daughter   
Person Description
Alas, some of her children prayed
Don't suffer any longer
And some of her other children prayed
She'd stay a little longer -

For suffering was something
She knew well and understood
She'd nursed 2 sisters through their deaths
They said "she did the best she could" -

They did not mention laughter
That shone brightly in her eyes
ANd they never felt the pain and loss
We did the day she died -

And has their memory been so lax
That they forgot the times
She worked, so frantic, in the farm
For those reunion chocolate pies? -

But they refused the facts
And they refused it to be known
She'd raised five children by herself
Had loved them well, and helped them grow -

Oh, "best" is just a word to them,
To me, it was my life;
The greatest mother of all children
To our father, dearest wife-

To grandchildren, patient teacher
To her neighbors, trusted friend
To any stranger on the street
A helping hand to lend -

A smiling conversation
With an accent soft and sweet
A joke that she'd remembered
From the night before's tv -

Sunday morning phone calls
To check up on all the kids
She sat and listened patiently
To things we said and did -

She loaned her wisdom freely
She loved from deep within
She's healed my broken heart so much
I don't know where to begin -

So to those who stand on pulpits
And try to preach from the "good book"
Maybe now you should step down
And take a second look -

Life is not of what you read
And what you preach to others
It's how you live, and who you touch
It's about people like my mother -

And, Mom, Dear God I'll miss you
For the balance of my years
The memory of your eyes and smile
Keep bringing on the tears -

So now it's time you rested
And got back all that you have given
One day, I pray, I'll be with you
Again in your arms, in heaven.

I love you, Mom.
Forever your loving daugher,
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