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Lucille Rita Pacifico-Murolo
5/22/29   -   May 07, 2004

Obituary posted by : Mildred Ferentino ,  Daughter   
Person Description
My personality and who I have become is a reflection of my Mother.
When my mother entered a room, she filled it with laughter and joy. She was the life of the party.
My mother was a devout catholic and passed that along to my dad, brother, sister and myself.. She was a wonderful mother to Ben, Nora and Mildred. She was also a loving, caring and nurturing Grandmother to her seven grandchildren, Christopher, Michael, Laura, Tommy, Guy, Amanda and Grace.

I have many happy memories growing up. I often think of my childhood and am truly grateful to have had two exceptional parents. As an adult, my mother became my best friend. We spoke every day and I made use of the wisdom that she so lovingly shared with me. I can remember my childhood illnesses and how we were always allowed to stay in my parents bed. It became the community bed. She always remained patient during those times. I remember vividly how she made the mistake of telling me. I had a, 24 hour virus. I must have asked her a zillion times if, 24 hours was up yet. Her answer was comforting at all times. And when I was in the perfume making business at about eight years old. I used to get my mothers old perfume, mix a few dandelions in it and let it sit in the hot sun for hours. After I was done with my concoction, I would run in the house to let my mom try my new perfume. She would put it on, and tell me how great it smelled, and she made my day. I loved her smile, her laughter, her everything. My mother is my idol. God gave her to us, however he wanted her back because he needed an angel in heaven. I am forever grateful for the gift God shared with me, my mother.
Service Information
Services were held at Frederick J. Chapey, 1225 Montauk Highway, West Islip. Sunday, May 9, Monday, May 10th. Mass of Christian Burial held at St. Joseph's Church, Babylon, NY at 10:45,
May 11, 2004. Laid to rest at Pinelawn Cemetary, May 11, 2004.

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Contributor :  Mildred

Thinking of you this morning on the 9th anniversary you are in heaven. You are missed tremendously Mom. I went to visit you last week and I have many happy memories and thoughts of you. I Love and miss you, Mildred XOXOXO

Contributor :  Mildred

Dear Mom:

Dad passed on Tuesday, January 7th. You, Dad and Nora are now together. I know that I have 3 advocates in heaven, however I miss all of you so very much. Not a day goes by without a thought of the love and care that was provided and the great family we had in Flushing growing up. I will always & forever love all of you and will never forget the happiness you brought to my life. Mildred XOXOXO

Contributor :  Mildred

Dearest Nora:

It was just 7 years since you are gone. You are sorely missed and thoughts of you remain etched in my mind forever. I miss you Nora, and wish you were here. God had other plans for you and you were needed in Heaven because you were always so caring and loving.

I love you always, Your sister Mildred XOXOXO