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Walter Henry
September 24, 1918   -   December 28,

Obituary posted by : Lynnette M. Gilliam (Mandleco) ,  Daughter   
Person Description
Mr. Mandleco was an Explosives engineer and worked for the Dept.of Energy and Sandia Corp. N.M. also at White Sands Missile Range N.M. He worked on the rocket sled at Naval Ordiance test station China Lake Ca.He worked with Albert Enstein and Enrico Furme, Warner Vom Braun. He was employed by Applied Theory in Santa Monica Ca. when he died. He was a race car driver since the early 40's. He was owner of AA fuel dragster along with his sons Wally Jr. and Carl.Mr. Mandleco was a Chicago police officer in the 40's.
Service Information
He was in the USMC stationed as a drill instructor at Perris Island and Cherry Point N.C., during WWll and then was sent over seas.

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