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Jorge Alberto Quintanilla
August 15,1978   -   August 17,

Obituary posted by : Stephanie Hill ,  fiance   
Person Description
Jorge was one of the most intellegent and quick minded people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and be a part of his life. We were only together for 11months but we had fallen in love and planned to get married. I also became pregnant by him but after hearing of his inhumane and sudden death, I lost the baby. I large part of me died the day both of my boys were laid to rest. He was very kind. He had a way about him that could impress anyone. Everyone that ever knew him loved him and quickly became friends with him. He died a very loved man and will never be forgotten. He leaves behind a wonderful mother, 2 caring and beautiful sister, a neice that can melt your heart in one single flash of a smile, and lastly a daughter whom didn't get to know her father as all of us had wished. He dearly cared for her and carried pictures of her around with him always. At the time of his death, he had not seen his little girl in close to 2 years. Not by choice but by the mother of his daughter. The first time I met her she didn't even know her father's name and that alone made me cry.
Service Information
Family and friends from all over the world attended this wake/funeral for this dear young man. Family traveled as far as from El Salvador to New York. R. Stutzman and Sons put together a beautiful wake and service and were very kind in all of the arrangements.

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