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Sima Eva Shoher
March 21, 1908   -   July 08, 2005

Obituary posted by : Sarah Kuhr ,  friend   
Person Description
Sima Shoher was the daughter of Zigismund and Ana Radunsky(not sure of spelling) of Calgary,Canada. Her mothers maiden name was Baum. He mother had a brother by the name of Max who never married or fathered children that anyone knew of. As far as is known Sima had no children though she mentioned a son by the name of Jonathan though she had no contact with him nor knew what happened to him. Being very old when she came to Israel it is likely from stories that she told that this may have been her brother who lived with her for a time in her early marriage. Though she also called him Edmund. Sima lived in Vancouver BC for a time working for a law office. In her later life she worked selling used clothing in LA, California. She was active in the anti-Viet Nam War Movement in America and she was strongly right wing in Israel. She came to Israel alone in 1989, moving directly to Kiryat Arba where she became well known almost immediately. She was well loved by the community in general. Over 50 people came to her funeral, including our respected Rabbis, all having wonderful stories of this spunky woman. She lived to be 97 years young and until the very end kept most of her wit though little details were not always forthcoming in her memory. When asked how it was that she lived so long she would reply that she didn't eat sugar for many years. In fact she considered it a poison. She was a vegatarian for many years. We wish her the best in the afterworld.
Service Information
Sima is buried in Hebron Jewish Cemetary at her request. Her headstone will be placed upon her grave at 30 days or so in Hebron Israel. Many good friends came to her funeral.

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