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November 11, 1936   -   October 12, 2004

Obituary posted by : Christina Gail Goodrich ,  Granddaughter   
Person Description
My grandmother was a warm hearted person who gave of herself and never asked for anything in return. She took in 7 children that was not even her own. She raised them and loved them all very much. She had two children of her own, she raised 9 children with her husband. She made sure each of her children never did without, and put herself last. I miss her so very much, there is not a day that goes by that myself and the rest of my family don't think of her. I know that she is free from all the pain and suffering that she endured. As time slowly passes I still hold her close to my heart. I would do anything just to hear I love you one more time and to get that special mom - mom hug that she always gave to me to make things better. Mom mom was such a wonderful person who was always there when someone needed her even if it was a complete stranger she gave so much and asked for so little. Even though she has left us to return home she will never be forgotten. I know she is with the angels looking down and watching over all her children and grandchildren. She will never be in pain again. She is truly free, free to fly with the angels in heaven because she was an angel on earth. When I look up at the sky I know she is there, there to hold out her arms and say " everything will be o.k. " I will always hold her dear to my heart and cherish all those precious memories I shared with her. I love you mom - mom and I miss you so very much.
Service Information
Jennie was laid to rest on October 14th, 2004 @ Kurtz Funeral Home.

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