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Mary Smith-Batts
  -   August 04, 2003

Obituary posted by : Jacqueline Baytops-Evens ,  sister   
Person Description
My baby sister was a very loving, funny and witty person, if you were sad when she walked in the room, you would not be sad for long, because the words that came out of her mouth would make you forget what you were sad about. I miss her so-o-o-o much, the last time we were together she was at my house on a Sunday evening; laughing and kidding about an episode that took place on that friday before she passed away. It's just so hard to believe that she is not here anymore, I have not had a chance to scream or cry the way I feel like doing since she's been gone. Mary got up on that Monday Morning of Aug. 4, 2003 to kiss her husband goodbye before he left for work about 6:00am. He asked her what did she want for dinner that night and she told him to bring home shrimp. But when Elliott got home that evening which was about 6:00pm, to his devastating suprise, he found Mary lying on the floor, she had died. No warning, no hurt, no pain; the medical examiner said it was like she stepped right out of her body. (Autopsy ruled natural causes), but I miss my baby sister so-o-o much, I miss her beautiful voice (she traveled all through out Europe and the United States) singing the songs of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I know she's is a better place; so I won't ever say goodbye, but farewell to we meet again on the other side. Your sisters and brothers (Wanda, Jackie, Vermel, Jeanette, Keishia, Willie, Marcus, Hasan and Omar) loves you so much and will never, ever forget you.
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