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Dowell Mark
july   -   December 12,

Obituary posted by : Barrister Oliver ,  lawyer   
Person Description
Mr Dowell was a very honest and trust man, he love and care about people feels but am so happy his only son jame is just like him, jame is honest and trusted man too i will never forget this family from generation to generation.
Dowell the family i will like to be with .
Service Information
Mr. Dowell was a honest man born in United Kingdom and grown up United State, Spend his life teaching us about honest and trust, he make us knew the importance of being honest and trust.
He was born on December 12, 1924 in Tekamah, Nebraska and pass away on July 20th 2006 in is
house in united state.
In his life time he was a very successful entrepreneur who deal mostly in gifts of nature and their Derivatives like Gold and Golden Jewelry to Jewelers and jewelry designers, he was also into the supply of watches, bracelets, wedding rings and gemstones-based jewelry to stores in West Africa/United State /United kingdom also in Europe, after his death is only son too over is inheritance.
Mr. Dowell became a successfully man, at the age of 21 he owned a house in United State, and at the
age of 50 he owned 5 companies 3 in west African
and 2 in Europe also have lot of client in US.
He was married to Dorathy on January 14, 1951 in
London, United Kingdom where they began a family
and fell in love.
In 1971 he published a book called Design is Where
You Find It, in which he juxtaposed his jewelry designs with photos of nature or common objects and encouraged readers to find inspiration in the
He was recently honored with an Award of Excellence for jewelry arts / designer and was made an honorary lifetime member of United Kingdom
Jewelry organization.
Saturday mornings, as often as not, found Dowell
perusing the ads and mapping out garage sale
strategies. The homes of his friend and family are
filled with the fruits of these labors.
Dowell was also known for his love of animals,
especially the countless "used" dogs he rescued and showered with affection.
He spent his last days cracking jokes and teasing his caregivers. Dowell died on the morning of July 20th, 2006.
He is survived by his children: James, this only
James is grateful for the kindness, patience and
humor that he brought to this lives.
The family wishes to thank his friends and especially the workers for there honest and trust .
Family, Lawyer Barrister Oliver.

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