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Mrs. Usha Swarup
September 07 1935   -   June 22, 2008

Obituary posted by : Deepak Bhatnagar ,  Son   
Person Description
Friday 22nd 2008

Its been two whole months since Mummy decided to leave us and go visiting her beloved relatives in heaven. It feels as if it has been such a long time….. since I have spoken to her, since I have hugged her, since I have enquired about her health, since I have spent any time with her. I miss her on the dining table, I miss saying bye to her each day I leave for work, I just miss having her around. Her mere presence was reassuring to me…with her around I knew everything would fall in place and she would fix anything, because she had a rare power in her prayers and she used that special power only for us…never for herself or she would still be with us. Just reminiscing . I remember …… her praying to god for my success in exams, the driving lessons and her grit to drive, the happiness in the holidays I took with her, the love and kindness in her eyes, the fierce love for her Relatives and our togetherness, her being there every day and night in the Hospital when I was admitted, her beating me up for my stealing habit and then hugging me when I cried, her always offering to help me with all her money whenever I desired anything, her staying up all night to teach me maths, her assuring me she was alright when she actually was in pain and suffering, God I remember everything from Calcutta to Goa to Delhi and will always cherish her memories in each fiber of my being.
She spent 22 years without Papa and never for one day, let us feel his absence ( monetarily or emotionally) . I always thought secretly that I was loved a shade more than Rakesh and Sonia, but I guess I was perhaps wrong. I wish I had not gone for that holiday, I wish Rakesh had called me and told me of her condition, I wish he had let me speak to her in the morning , I wish I could have done more, I wish the wheat-grass had worked, I wish she had somehow let me have known, I wish I could have told her one last time, how much I loved her and thanked her for all that she had done for all of us. But I know these are just wishful thoughts, we all did everything we could, and were always there for her whenever she needed us ,we were Children she was proud of and. that in itself is an achievement we can nurse for the rest of our lives . Life for all of us has gone back to normal and I am sure she would also have wished it to be this way. I on my part can only promise her that I will always have her in my heart and walk the path she would have wanted me to.

This is to say thank you Mummy, the most special person in my life . May all your pain be gone now and may you flutter from cloud to cloud to see all your loved ones who went before you. Rest in peace ma I miss and love you so much.
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