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Mohammad Yaqoob Sheikh
April 3rd 1918   -   August 01, 2004

Obituary posted by : Farooq M.Sheikh ,  SON   
Person Description
Mohammad Yaqoob Sheikh was born raised,married in India, he joined Indian Railway at entry level,then migrated to Pakistan with his wife 3 sons and one daughter in 1947,He continued his work with Pakistan Railway and progressed to Chief
instructor of Walton Training School Lahore,Later on retired as Superintendent Railway Communications.During this time he was blessed with 7 sons and one daughter,All his kids and grand,and gran grand kids are very nice clean peaceful practicing Muslims.They are highly educated and professionals.The deceased was extremely kind simple,humble,loving person he had n enemies all friends,lovers,praise-rs.He never had a penny in his pocket all he had he will give to his wife.He never had drug drink problem,he was smoking but he left in 1957 when his eldest son did his high School for College expenses.His whole life was a continuous sacrifice for his family.HE WAS A GREAT MAN AND I AM SURE HE IS HEAVEN.
Service Information
Services were performed by Islamic Center of Scarborough Ont Canada,His beloved wife Haseena Begum and All his 9 sons 2 daughters some grands and grand grands were present at his funeral except his one son Saqib who was in Pakistan at that time.Mohammad Yaqoob Sheikh is survived with his 10 sons 2 daughters 27 grands and 11 grand grands.

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