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JAN 1ST 1957   -   June 21, 2008

Obituary posted by : Farooq M. Sheikh ,  FATHER IN LAW   
Person Description
Naeem Akhter was born ,raised,married in Karachi Pakistan,but most of his profession took his time in AL-AIN UAE,HE WAS ARCHITECTE FOR A NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING FIRM TILL HE DIED,his whole life was sign of service,sacrifice,love,care for his family,he was very selfless person,he took care of his family his 3 brothers 3 sisters when he was only 16 year old he left his father Ghulam Nabi,who married other woman in the life of his first wife,the mother of 7 kids.Naeem was not oldest but he took care of all his brothers and sisters to his ls last breath.According to Islamic faith if a person dies by stomach related disease or after operation by bleeding is considered martyr,so i am very much hope full from ALLAH SUBHANOW TAALA THAT NAEEM AKHTER IS IS IN HAVEN,his wife and kids are safe and wel-taken care off by my son daughter and their mother.Saleh Bin Naeem is memorizing holy QURAAN by heart in Arabic is called HIFZ,I am sure ALLAH SWT will enable him in his effort and it is last wish of NAEEM AKHTER ,please pray for the soul and son.
Service Information
Service was performed by Masjid Ghufran Block 16 F.B.area Karachi Pakistan,was buried in Yaseen Abad grave yard beside his mother sisters and a brother,he came to Pakistan for Colostomy,but died after 2ND operation,he never came back conscious after 2ND operation By Surgeon Salman Faridi on 13Th June 2008,He was 100% on ventilator ventilator till doctors declared him dead on evening of 21st june 2008.He is suvived by his wife Saadia,son Saleh bin Naeem,daughter Amna Binte Naeem,brothers Haseen Akhter,Waseem Akhter.

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