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12/29/1999   -   April 09, 2005

Obituary posted by : jaylene adams ellis ,  grandmother   
Person Description
he was big enough to take on to and grown man respocibilty and carry out his of work in compassion was actrative to many and that mean the young and old he had many strung around his neck and all the grils and women fought for him and eith him caude he was just so gall cute and handsome and very ayy traction wth the sense of humor of and 19 year old had momey did not deed for nothing and was very compaionand sopassion and would help any body possible if he could amd would wear out and pair of gymshoes in 3days . he played so hard. thank God for he was no criminal. But of joy and pleaure and comfort. and i still priase and give grace and glory to him today and time and period for just anf triumph and trail of tribulation which became and worlds notigied legacy. I priase and give glory to god for being his undet keeper, and give thanks to jeovahn for the glory of trust and gaining of trust and to rgain concouious and reframe my mind and for the changing of my mindin the spritand wanting to have love and compassionate concerns for others.
Service Information
iy was neatiful and ansome we had the service of his biking vlub to represeny hime and his uncle and gtandyather biking club of the indenpent ouy lawers and the texas outlawers to accomdate of his sevices the city of gary minister represent ed him and uphold and held up til we got through the service there were 12miles line of cars and trucks and motor cycle riders that part tucipated inhis tribute his grandmother and great grand mother whic he stayed with and had fond of joy wiht alone with the other kids.on the block the schools and principles and teachiers and academic leaders of his base ball tean and his special friends and classmates that participated.It wA BAEUTIFUL SITE TO SEE THE TELEVISION networks and the Guy and Allen furneral Homes directors and very many other host of friends and relatives .and his aunts and special aunts and cousins.were paryicipate as well. only god know what that guy love the most inclydeing him self and i myself loved him no matter what he got into and or done .that my baby and i claim it and he claim me as well. i love still to this day no matter what it okay wiht me for i know him and his will power under gods spells for he is sweet kind and generous with the gentle touch hands and could fight almost anything and anybody for i love him and he still mines.

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