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Bridget Marie Stanford
January 10, 1991   -   April 03, 2009

Obituary posted by : Karen Stanford ,  Mother   
Person Description
On April 3, 2009 the world lost an angel. Bridget Stanford was nothing less than a gift sent by God. She was always trying to make everyone happy, and she succeeded at it every day. Her body was found in her bedroom at 2 p.m. The doctors had explained she wouldn't have much time to live because of the condition of her heart.

She was born on January XXX, 1991 and right away we knew she would touch our hearts. As she grew so did her intelligence and her willingness to succeed. She joined clubs and played on sports teams to help with her ever growing energy. She started playing softball and basketball at the mere age of four. Volleyball came afterwards at the age of eight. She dedicated her life to being something great. Once she reached high school, she was making the varsity team as a freshman and becoming the captain as a junior. She was friends with everyone and with that they looked up to her and were confident she'd lead them well.

Not only was she good at sports but she soared academically also. Her grade point average of a 4.0 got her accepted to many colleges across the US. The one we were all most proud of though, was her acceptance to New York University. It's been her dream school every since she was a little girl. Her favorite subject was English and Journalism so her plan was to go to NYU to study in these fields and to get experience writing for a major magazine there.

Even though our angel is no longer with us physically, we still have the memories of her in our hearts. Like the way her smile seemed to glow and her eyes, such a piercing blue, used to sparkle. Like how she'd get carried away talking about love and life and how she'd have it one day. She was a stubborn girl, and we all knew that she was right... she would one day be a mother and be married to the man of her dreams. No one knew who this man would be, but Bridget always seemed so confident that she knew.

Bridget will be remembered and loved by everyone. She is truly a remarkable girl.
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