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June 7th 92   -   May 04, 2009

Obituary posted by : Emily Carterson ,  GF   
Person Description
Kase, Dearly loved, Dearly a lover, to everyone and almost anyone. Gone too soon, at sicteen you had not yet experienced life!
Yu were a fighter, for all the world's istakes, and though you were given a bad draw, you never gave up. Kasey will forever be remembered, for lame jokes, laughter, caring, love and rejoice. We loved you Kiddo, we love you now, and you will always be loved, Wish you could have known what love was like, what life was like, before you needed too end it all. It wasn't fair, it wasn't right.
Kase, forever etched in the stars, You are loved Honey.
Service Information
Curl Curl, friday the eight of May 2009

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