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Ruth Ethel Swim
9-15-1918   -   April 01, 2006

Obituary posted by : David Swim ,  son   
Person Description
Born on a farm with 2 sisters and 1 brother.

Both proceeded her in death and she lived longer than any other person in her family at that time.

She went to college for 1 year, and then joined the navy during WWII as was her husband.

She met her husband, Eugene William Swim, at church where they attended together.

They were married for 46 years and had 3 boys! She still had hope for a girl all the way till the end!
Service Information
Greenwood Memorial Chapel in the evening. Pastor Fisher held the service along with Rachel, her granddaughter, placing a special song on the piano which she loved so much.

Correct date of death was in 1996 not 2006.

The visitation and service were held together.

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Contributor :  David Swim

Truly a great mother that I never really "knew" who she was inside. She had a hard upbrining and had to be on her own, and the whole time we were growing up, we were taught to take care of things ourself. "Don't ask others and don't just sit there. Get busy and get it done!"

Very little of her side of the family was close to her because that whole generation was gone. Her niece Judy Webb keep in close contact, and since Mom never had a girl, she adopted Judy to take that place I think!

She leaves 3 children, her husband, and numerous grandchildren along with nieces and nephews!

Funeral held at Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary in San Diego, CA
Burial also was in Greenwood Memorial Park where she is next to her husband when he dies.