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Thomas William Kubica
April 05, 1989   -   January 09, 2013

Obituary posted by : backalacking ,  /r/backpacking   
Person Description
I\'ve been a longtime lurker, but this was important to me so I finally made an account. Recently a fellow /r/backpacker in our little community, unfortunately passed away.

His name was Thomas Kubica, also known as LenniLenape. Although his account is gone.

When he joined /r/backpacking it was but a small community. Lenni was here from the beginning and became one of the most knowledgeable members. He taught me everything I know about backpacking, camping, hiking, and caving. I know he had all the gear and trips planned for places all over the world.

I think I speak for all of /r/backpacking when I say Lenni will be missed.

May he rest in peace.
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