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Ebony Nichole
Feb 12, 1999   -   June 07, 2013

Obituary posted by : Gary Fox ,  Pet owner   
Person Description
Ebony was only 8 weeks old when we picked her up at the pound. When we first saw her both myself and my kids fell in love with her. She came right to us and you could tell she wanted us as much as we wanted her. Once we got her to her new home she knew that that was going to be her domain. As the years passed she never ceased to amaze us with how smart of a dog she was. She brought us great joy and happiness and we loved her so very much. Before we knew it 20 years had gone by and she became blind and deft so we had to give her the extra attention and love that she deserved. I myself became so attached to her that when I found her passed away I felt as if I lost a child. But I knew in my heart she died peacefully in her sleep and I can honestly say she had a wonderful life and she knew how much she was loved. Ebony gave me 20 years of happiness and I I miss her with all my heart and to this day I miss her so much I still cry when I think about her. I just wish I was there with her when she died. I love you Ebony and I will see you in heaven where we both will live forever together in happiness.
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