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Joygopal Chakraborty
  -   June 07, 2014

Obituary posted by : Dipankar Dasgupta ,  Friend   
Person Description
Joygopal Chakraborty was the son of Late, Nani Gopal Chakroborty, who was closely associated with Raghupati Singh, then General Manager of South Eastern Railway and has been credited with curbing down the wagon-breakers. He however, was mistaken as a wagon breaker and shot dead by policemen.
After completing his Technical Diploma, he joined Eastern Railway as a Overseer and due
to his skill on melting iron for Railway tracks he was transferred to the Training College as
a trainer.

Joygopal Chakraborty will reside in the hearts of his students and colleagues as a pleasant yet firm personality, always ready to extend a helping hand for the cause of education. It is unlikely that he ever confused quantity (examination scores) with quality (a genuine appetite for learning) in judging his students.
Service Information
It is hard to recount memories surrounding Tapas Majumdar, who died on June 7, without recalling the reasonably large, but not bedizened, first-floor living room of his Kancrapara residence near Calcutta. This room will remain etched in the minds of his students and colleagues from the days when he taught in the Eastern Railway Technical College, not because of its simple decor, but for the purpose to which Joygopal Chakraborty put it during the turmoil-ridden year, 1987. The siege laid to the college had forced the authorities to suspend classes. The practical classes, however, did not come to a halt, for Sri Joygopal, who was departmental head, had converted his living room into a makeshift classroom where teachers were assigned class hours on a regular basis. A timetable had been drawn up, and even tutorial classes were not ignored.

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