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 5 Plans to choose from - FREE, GET STARTED(3months), GOOD(6 months), BETTER(basic 1 yr plan), BEST of the BEST with the SERIOUS TO SELL LISTING program - (prominent showing on the Home Page, Runs until sold, Pro help with Ad, FREE phone consultation, Email tips, and FREE Checklist!).
 Free Cemetery Plot Listing for 30 days FREE  
$19.99  Cemetery Plot Listing for 90 days (3 months)
$29.99  Cemetery Plot Listing for 180 days (6 months)
$49.99  Cemetery Plot Listing for 1 year  - plus basic review of ad, plus 50% discount to continue for an additional 1 year if unsold
  SERIOUS TO SELL LISTING - $79.99 for unlimited Front Page listing, professional assistance writing ad, No charge phone consultation regarding tips to sell faster, Ad runs until it sells!, Email tips with selling ideas and a FREE CHECKLIST entitled - "HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU'VE DONE ALL IT TAKES TO QUICKLY SELL YOUR CEMETERY LISTING!"

This exclusive Report covers plans that until now, have never been given to the Public by anyone in the Cemetery Business.

Just one stumble can make you lose a sale, so this CHECKLIST covers every item needed to complete your sale with no slow down by the cemetery or anyone! It will be emailed to you when you sign up with the SERIOUS TO SELL LISTING program for just $79.99!

Truly a minimum value of $199, these insider secrets and tips that come from over 30 years of being "in the trenches". None of what we propose and/or do is just a "theory", but rather an action that has helped others make the sale!


                     brings to your assistance over 30 years of experience Selling Cemetery Property! We are actively involved in Selling the Property of individuals on a daily basis. We are not just Internet Drones or Desk Jockeys! There are KEY activities that need to be performed in order for almost 99% of all listings TO BRING YOU A SALE! Ignore them, do your own plan, do it the way suggested by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - plan on forever if never selling it! We are not trying to be rude or crude, just knowledgeable about what works!

Most of our Customers, perhaps even yourself, spent upward to more than $100 by listing in the local Newspaper or Pennysaver, other online listing services, etc. For those amounts ($100+), you may have only received 2 days, 5 days, or at the most 10 days. Then Nothing!

Once our customers have come to us, their activity increases dramatically! While selling does depend on what you require for the spaces(cost), we give you every other tool available from anyone - and some that no one knows EXCEPT us! We will show you WHAT TO DO IN WRITING YOUR AD (with the BEST plan, only $79.99, we do it for you!), WHAT TO SAY to anyone who calls you about the ad, and HOW TO SCREEN YOUR BUYERS so you don't waste your time! We want you to get a sale! has more #1 or #2 positions on Internet Search Engines than ANY OTHER cemetery selling site! Why would you waste your time with others, no matter what they charge,and hope you can sell it! While we can't GUARANTEE a sale of your property, with the right plan, we will run it until it sells - no matter how long! We'll also send you suggestions and tips along the way if it's needed!


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